Rumor: Nintendo Plans On Releasing an Upgraded Switch in 2021

Nintendo Switch Rumors

According to Economic Daily News and other reputable gaming websites Nintendo is gearing up to release a supercharged Nintendo Switch sometime in 2021. While this is currently a rumor there is plenty of circumstantial evidence that Nintendo may release a more powerful variant of their successful hybrid console. According to the rumors Nintendo is set to release an upgraded Switch which will feature 4K graphics and have additional computing power. Also according to the rumors Nintendo plans on releasing a collection of new games, geared towards “avid gamers”. Here’s all the main points in the Nintendo Switch rumors.

  • Faster processor
  • Better Built-In Display
  • 4K Resolution
  • Bigger Cartridge Sizes
  • Improved “Interactivity”

The Switch has the ability to be expanded upon since Nintendo is using Nvidia’s Tegra processor. The expansion properties of the Tegra line of processors easily allows Nintendo to release different SKUs/variants. There’s also the Switch’s Dock which could also provide co-processing and expanded memory etc. Last year Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch Lite which proved that the console can be successful in a mobile only form. Releasing a more powerful version of the Switch geared towards gamers could increase the size of Nintendo’s audience. So what do you think of the beefier Nintendo Switch rumors. Would you buy an upgraded Switch? Let us know what you’d like to see in an improved Nintendo Switch using the comments below.

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