Rumors Claim Nintendo Switch Specs Less Powerful Than PS4

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The internet is abuzz with new rumors from VentureBeat, which is suggesting that specs for the Nintendo Switch will be less powerful than the PS4. According to VentureBeat two unnamed sources are claiming that the Switch is using Nvidia’s last-generation Maxwell graphics architecture, not the more powerful Pascal architecture which was revealed earlier this year. According to the unnamed sources the Pascal architecture wasn’t ready to be used with the Tegra chip being used in the Switch. The Maxwell Tegra uses a 20nm process in comparison to the Pascal which utilizes a 16nm process. The logic behind VentureBeat’s article claims that Nintendo wanted to get development kits into the hands of developers asap. See a quote below from the article on VentureBeat which states the logic of Nintendo’s decision to go ahead with the Maxwell architecture over the Pascal.


Sources told GamesBeat that the Kyoto-based Japanese company is in such a rush that it can’t wait for the Pascal version of the Tegra. That’s both because the publisher wants to replace the failing Wii U and because it wants to strike quickly with its hybrid concept before a competitor can introduce a better product.


Could the Nintendo Switch Rumors be True

While the latest rumors surrounding the specs of the Nintendo Switch could be true they also prove to be provocative to any Nintendo fan. Once again we’re hearing from unnamed sources that Nintendo is not concerned with hardware specs. We’re hearing how Nintendo opted for less horsepower because the company was in such a rush to get the Switch finalized for developers, pushing Nintendo to focus not on specs but on getting games made. What the article doesn’t really break down is that NVIDIA designed a custom Tegra processor for the Switch. According to NVIDIA engineers at the company spent hundreds of years (combined time in development) developing the chip-set used in the Nintendo Switch. NVIDIA’s CEO is optimistic that the two companies will share a long relationship, possibly 20 years or more. The custom Tegra configuration could provide additional benchmarks that aren’t clearly seen by VentureBeat’s unnamed sources. The ability to upscale or upgrade your Nintendo Switch (similar to the N64 expansion kit), maybe Nintendo will have someway for players to upgrade the specs of the Switch overtime. Or maybe the custom details of the Switch’s Tegra processor will be far beyond what some people are thinking. While a media company like VentureBeat has made a good name for itself by proving to be a high quality journalist for many industries it still is using unnamed sources for writing articles. While hiding the identity of these sources may be in the interest of some, it also provides a convenient way for VentureBeat to create an article that has all the makings of a click bait article. We’ll just have to wait for the January 2017 Switch Presentation that Nintendo is holding to get a better idea on the specs, including which processor / architecture Nintendo is using and whether or not the Switch is more powerful than the PS4.





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