Insider – Seasons of Heaven Trailer PC Footage Not Nintendo Switch

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According to Laura Kate Dale, an industry insider, the Seasons of Heaven Nintendo Switch trailer showed PC footage and not Switch. Seasons of Heaven was announced only days ago via GameBlog. The title is one of the first 3rd party games announced for the Switch. The footage shown in it’s announcement trailer wasn’t Switch footage according to Laura Kate Dale. According to the reputable insider the footage was PC, not Switch footage.


To those asking about the Seasons of Heaven trailer, it’s PC footage. Devs are in line for a Switch dev kit but they do not have one atm.


While many of the claims from Laura Kate Dale have been accurate in the past in doesn’t mean this is the case with Seasons of Heaven. The game is being developed using the Unreal Engine 4 according to a it’s full trailer released yesterday. The developer Any Arts Production is developing it exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. While much of the game can be tested using a PC with the Unreal Engine 4 it would still be risky making an exclusive for a console that you don’t even have a development kit for. We’re not saying Laura Kate Dale is wrong, we’re just saying getting clarification from the developer isn’t a bad idea. We’ve reached out to Any Arts Production for clarification on the footage for Seasons of Heaven – is it PC or Nintendo Switch? We’ll update this article if we receive an answer.



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