Super Mario Party Sales Figures Pass 1-Million Sold in U.S.

Super Mario Party 1-Million Sold

Super Mario Party has set a new record for the series, having sold 1-million copies in North America since the game’s release on the Nintendo Switch on October 5th. This is a record for the Mario Party series, which has remained popular since the series birth on the Nintendo 64 almost 20 years ago (December 18th, 1998). Sales figures for the Mario Party series have always remained strong since the series start. Most Mario Party games have sold 1-million or more over their retail life. What makes Super Mario Party sales figures so interesting is how fast it reached 1-million – less than 2 months!


The Switch’s Super Mario Party is a departure from the classic line of Mario Party games – which ended with Mario Party 10. The “Super” in Super Mario Party has definitely given the series a fresh face and avoided the somewhat unoriginal and boring Mario Party 11 title. Have you played Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch? If not Nintendo is offering a special Super Mario Party Joy-Con controller bundle (see below).


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