NX Update Supplemental Computing Device Issued To Nintendo

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A NeoGaf user spotted an update to Nintendo’s likely NX patents describing a supplemental computing device for video game consoles. On August 16th Nintendo was issued a patent for a supplemental computing device for game consoles. In July an issue notification regarding the supplemental computing device was published. The documents describe a device that can detach and connect to a game console in order to provide extra processing resources, speed and other computing resources.  In the patent’s bibliographic data the title for the patent is “Supplemental Computing Device for Game Consoles”.  Because the device is used to supplement computing resources the device will also include one or more processors, memory and communication interfaces.  Also mentioned was the possibility of sharing processing resources between users.

Here’s the full description provided by the patent document on the 16th.

Supplemental computing devices that provide processing and/or storage resources to game consoles to assist these game consoles in executing a game. In some instances, a game console locally executes a copy of a game using resources of the game console. In addition, however, the game console may couple to a supplemental computing device that includes resources that the game console may also utilize to increase the speed or quality of a user’s gaming experience. For instance, the supplemental computing device may couple via a physical connection (e.g., a wired connection) to the game console for processing data associated with the game and providing a result back to the console, and/or for storing game data on behalf of the game console.


What are your thoughts?  Are you getting excited for the Nintendo NX?

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