The Longest 5 Minutes Nintendo Switch Release Date February 2018

The Longest 5 Minutes - Nintendo Switch

NIS America sent out a Press Release today disclosing the release date and other details for the Nintendo Switch version of The Longest 5 Minutes.  The North American release date is set for February 13th, 2017. The European release date is set for February 16th, 2017. The game which is already out in Japan for the PlayStation Vita takes you inside the mind of a hero during his final battle with an evil overlord. The story unfolds by conversations with other members of your party, which help to unlock the main hero’s memories. The entire game plays like a classic 8-bit RPG, with the outcome of the hero’s memories dictating how the party will fare during the final battle. You can read the NIS America press release sent to us this morning for more info.


Originally developed by Nippon Ichi Software and SYUPRO-DX and out for the PS Vita in Japan, The Longest Five Minutes will take you inside the mind of a hero during his final encounter with an epic and evil Overlord. As the story unfolds, the conversations you have with your party and the Overlord will unlock memories of the hero’s journey. Each memory plays out in classic 8-bit RPG style, and the outcome of those memories will lead to the strengthening or weakening of your party in their final battle.

About the Story:

Our hero faces the origin of all evil, the Demon King himself, but suddenly loses all memories of his adventure.

His finishing moves, the name of his hometown, and even the reason he’s trying to defeat the Demon King in the first place, are all gone.

Our hero feels as though he’s letting his allies down…In the midst of battle, his allies’ words and the Demon King’s taunts trigger flashbacks, bringing his memories back piece by piece. Our hero tries to regain his priceless memories before it’s too late, but the Demon King stands before him, his power unyielding!

SOURCE NIS America Press Release


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