Warframe Announced for Nintendo Switch at TennoCon 2018

Warframe Nintendo Switch

Today it was announced that the popular Co-Op 3rd person shooter Warframe will be getting released on the Nintendo Switch. The news was announced at TennoCon 2018. The game is being ported to the Switch by Panic Button, the same developer who handled the port of DOOM for the Switch. Along with the announcement a trailer was also provided (see below). No release date or additional details we’re given. There’s a good chance the game will feature cross platform play with Xbox One and PC. Unfortunately Sony still refuses to support cross platform multiplayer, so don’t expect cross platform support between PS4 and the Switch. See the official Nintendo Switch trailer for Warframe below.

Expect more details including release date and more when they become available. Since Panic Button handled the port of DOOM for the Switch so well there’s a good chance Warframe will run smoothly on the Switch, hopefully will little sacrifice to the game’s graphics.

Source: TennoCon 2018 Press Conference

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