Why the Nintendo Switch Needs Call of Duty or Other AAA FPS

Nintendo Switch with Call of Duty

We analyze the different reasons as to why the Nintendo Switch needs Call of Duty or another AAA Online FPS Shooter.

While the Nintendo Switch launch lineup is looking fairly decent, their are some gaps in the type of genres appearing on the console. As of this writing the Nintendo Switch has no Call of Duty, Battlefield or other AAA FPS shooters. This leaves many fans and hardcore gamers wondering if the Switch will be right for them. While Activision and Electronic Arts may opt to release one of their AAA shooters on Nintendo’s hybrid console both publishers have been mute on announcing anything. The Wii U has two Call of Duty games (Black Ops II & Ghosts), both of which provide Wii U owners with some online matchmaking options catered to the most hardcore type of gamer. For the Switch to look appealing to some gamers there’s got to be some online matchmaking shooters that cater to the classic formula we’ve become familiar with in games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and others.


Why Activision & EA Should Release their AAA FPS Titles on the Nintendo Switch

Imagine being able to play a console quality game like Call of Duty or Battlefield on the go, with solid controls and all the features of the console experience. Nintendo is hoping that 3rd party companies will bring their biggest franchises to Nintendo’s hybrid console. While not as powerful as it once was, Call of Duty still drives huge numbers on the sales charts. Every iteration pushes millions of copies on both the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Nintendo may have a special opportunity to switch (no pun seriously 🙂 – these Xbox & PlayStation gamers into Nintendo players if they can prove that the system can attract games they want to play. The Switch provides a console at home and a console on the-go. Imagine a setup like Splatoon 2 which allows up to 10 Switch systems to link-up via the console’s LAN option. Nintendo Switch owners would have the ability to play local matchmaking games on-the-go, giving the console an edge of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 Local LAN


Why Nintendo Should Focus on Courting Big Publishers for AAA Shooters & FPS Titles

Having the ability to play Call of Duty or Battlefield matchmaking on the go could be a huge system seller for Nintendo. The Switch is already making good ground on getting publishers interested in Nintendo in ways many haven’t been in years. Courting publishers like EA and Activision in bringing their biggest franchises to the Switch would also allow Nintendo to re-write its image in the core gamers eyes. For a company like Activision the Switch may be the first step in rejuvenating their Call of Duty franchise, which has been slowing down year after year.

nintendo switch info-graphic


Will Call of Duty or other AAA FPS Games Release on the Switch?

Nintendo is providing the Switch with Splatoon 2 this summer, but this counts as a 3rd person shooter and may not appeal to some core gamers looking at buying a Switch. There is hope that 3rd party companies will release AAA FPS games on the Switch. Bethesda is releasing Skyrim on the Switch later this year, which counts as a FPS title, but not an online matchmaking shooter. Playing a game like Skyrim on the go could prove to be a huge success. Activision may be looking at increasing exposure for Call of Duty and may decide to release on the Switch once the system proves it has a stable mature audience. Electronic Arts already said their supporting the Switch, but haven’t made any announcements about Battlefield or other AAA shooters.

Nintendo Switch Playing Skyrim on the Go


Other FPS Shooters to Consider on the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo fans who played on the Wii may remember the Conduit series of games. Both The Conduit and Conduit 2 we’re popular Wii FPS shooters which provided the system with exclusive matchmaking fun. While High-Voltage Software has been quiet about the series for sometime there is a chance they’d be interested in releasing Conduit 3 for the Switch (yes this is just an idea). Back during the days of the Wii High-Voltage undertook developing The Conduit because the system deserved a good online FPS. The game sold pretty well, and received a sequel (Conduit 2).

wii screenshot The Conduit
Screenshot for The Conduit on the Wii


What are you’re thoughts on AAA shooters on the Nintendo Switch. Does the system need Call of Duty or Battlefield to make you interested in buying the system? The Nintendo Switch launches March 3rd, 2017 worldwide.


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