Wild Guns Reloaded Releasing on Nintendo Switch Spring 2018

Wild Guns Reloaded

Natsume Inc today announced via Twitter that Wild Guns Reloaded will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch sometime during the Spring of 2018. While no details on the game we’re given Natsume did state that additional details will be published on Twitter very soon. Wild Guns Reloaded is already available for PC and the PlayStation 4. Featuring fast-paced arcade shooting gameplay, Wild Guns Reloaded features both classic and new stages. The graphics and art-style are a cross between the Wild West and steampunk art styles. The PC & PlayStation 4 versions support up to 4 players and include online rankings/leaderboards. Check back soon for more info on Wild Guns Reloaded for the Nintendo Switch.


Wild Guns Reloaded Logo


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