Make You’re Own NES Mini With DaftMike Raspberry Pi Console

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Have you ever considered making you’re own NES mini game console? Considering the release of Nintendo’s very own NES Classic Edition this may not be as useful anymore, but DaftMike (a popular Raspberry Pi developer) has engineered his very own NES mini. DaftMike’s NES mini console is slightly smaller than the NES Classic Edition, and has some other perks that beat Nintendo’s mini NES.

DaftMike’s Mini NES vs Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition

Starting off Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition has 30 games pre-loaded. Most of the games included on the NES Classic Edition are some of the most popular games to ever release on the original NES. In comparison, the NES mini using DaftMike’s Raspberry Pi design requires games to be loaded on specialized mini NES cartridges, which house a Micro SD card inside.

Nintendo’s mini NES comes fully assembled of coarse. The Raspberry Pi NES mini requires assembly and 3D printing (for the mini NES console and the game cartridges). Lukily DaftMike’s blog provides links to buy the entire Raspberry Pi NES kit, which includes most of the things you’ll need to make own for yourself. He also has links going to a 3D printer website where you can order the mini NES console case and the mini NES cartridges. There are some components not included, see his blog for full details.

The Raspberry Pi NES by DaftMike can also emulate other systems, like the Gameboy Advance and Super Nintendo. Everything you need, including well documented instructions are included on DaftMike’s blog. See the link below.


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