Miitomo Update 2.1 Adds Sidekick Answers & Free Miitomo Coins

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The Miitomo app can now be updated to version 2.1. The latest update adds sidekick Mii answers – alowing you to have your sidekick Mii answer questions the way you want. The 2.1 update also adds the Sidekick Central, which allows Miitomo users to share their Sidekick Mii’s with other Miitomo users around the world. To celebrate the latest update Nintendo is offering 4,000 Miitomo coins for free when you purchase 1,000 Miitomo coins. The offer is only available once per user, so buying additional Miitomo coins will not include the free 4,000.


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Last month Nintendo updated the Miitomo app with 5 new features, which included the introduction of Sidekick Miis and the ability to customize your Mii’s room. What do you think of the latest Miitomo update? Let us know using the comments below.