What is Retro Studios Working On? NX Game Ideas & Opinions

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Many Nintendo fans have been asking, what is Retro Studios working on? Since the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze we’ve heard very little from the developer. The most likely answer is a game for the Nintendo NX. The Austin Texas game developer is one of the crown jewels of Nintendo, releasing top tier games for many years. Titles like Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country prove that Retro Studios is a premium designer that provides Nintendo systems with AAA exclusives. Below are a few ideas on what they could be up to.

Metroid Prime NX – Nintendo could have Retro Studios working on a new Metroid Prime game. Imagine a Metroid with online multiplayer and 1080p graphics. Nintendo needs an exclusive shooter for the NX, especially if Call of Duty fails to make it to the NX like it did with the Wii U over the last few years.

Donkey Kong NX – No doubt about it, Retro Studios knows how to make a great Donkey Kong platformer. While another sidescroller would be welcomed, a 3D platformer like Donkey Kong 64 would be refreshing. Jumping through Jungle Japes or taking a mine cart ride in 1080p graphics would be breathtaking.

New Original FPS by Retro Studios – Nintendo’s desire to capture the attention of casual and core gamers could mean that Retro is working on a new Halo/Call of Duty inspired fps. For western markets like America and Europe a good fps can mean millions of new systems sold. If designed by Retro Studios we imagine a great sci-fi fps, with fun online matchmaking.

F-Zero NX – We would love to see a new F-Zero, and Retro Studios did wonders with Donkey Kong. Maybe Nintendo will have the studio re-invent the F-Zero series, a decision we wouldn’t mind seeing.

Diddy Kong Racing NX – Not since the DS port of the N64 classic have we seen Nintendo’s other Mario Kart clone. Much beloved, a new Diddy Kong Racing would have a better shot at a reboot if developed early for the NX launch. Keep your fingers crossed!

What do you think, is Retro Studios developing something new or something we’ve seen before. Do you think it’s a Nintendo NX game?

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