Ever Oasis Intro Trailer Shows Story & Gameplay Elements

Ever Oasis Intro Trailer Released for Nintendo 3DS

Today Nintendo released an Intro Trailer for the upcoming 3DS exclusive Ever Oasis. The RPG is being developed by GREZZO, and is being produced by Koichi Ishii – the creator of the Secret of Mana series. The latest trailer introduces a variety of story, monsters and other gameplay concepts. Players will lead their own oasis through a variety of methods, including building and managing shops. The players Oasis will expand when it is able to attract new residents. Along with the interesting oasis building system, the game also looks like its ready to deliver another amazing RPG. Ever Oasis is just 1 of many new exclusive 3DS games still scheduled to release sometime in 2017. See the full trailer for this interesting looking 3DS RPG below. Ever Oasis releases for the 3DS on June 23rd, 2017.


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