Minecraft Mash-Up Chinese Mythology Releasing October For Wii U

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Mojang announced that a new update (DLC) for Minecraft would be coming to the Wii U and other console versions, this time featuring Chinese Mythology and new mobs. Releasing on October 4th 2016, the latest expansion features 41 new skins and 13 new music tracks, which can be used in your own Minecraft worlds. Also included is a new map for the Battle Mini Game that released in June. The Chinese Mythology pack also includes a beautifully crafted world full of ancient cities, sculptures and areas to explore.

Minecraft Wii U Edition along with the Xbox One and other consoles will also be receiving another free update that includes a variety of items. The following will be released as a free update for console versions of Minecraft, including the Wii U Edition. This update will be available for Wii U and Xbox One owners on October 4th 2016, and other consoles the day after. Here’s what is included in the free update.

  • Polar bears and their adorable offspring are to be found wandering frozen biomes.
  • Banners! Spruce the place up with your personalised drapery.
  • New terrain generation: Igloos now appear in Arctic biomes, and gargantuan fossils lie beneath the earth awaiting your discovery.
  • Beetroots! You can farm them and turn them into a restorative soup. Delish!
  • Other new blocks: End Bricks, Grass Path, Frosted Ice, Magma, Nether Wart Block, Red Nether Brick and Bone Block.

Source : https://mojang.com/2016/09/chinese-mythology-new-mobs-more-coming-to-consoles-oct-4/


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