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Blaster Master Zero Game Details

Game details for Blaster Master Zero on the Nintendo Switch.

Game Name : Blaster Master Zero
Release Date : 03/09/2017
Publisher : INTI CREATES CO., LTD.
Developer : INTI CREATES CO., LTD.
Official Game Website :
Genre : Action, Adventure
Players : 1 -2 Players
System : Nintendo Switch
Also On : Nintendo 3DS
Review Score : N/A

MSRP : $9.99
UPC : Not Available
ASIN : Not Available

Official Game Description

  • On the sideview maps, take control of the battle tank SOPHIA III and explore your surroundings as you search for the entrance to the dungeon where the area’s boss lurks.
  • Once you find a dungeon entrance, exit SOPHIA III and make your way inside as the hero Jason and take on the mutants inside in top-down mode.
  • Defeat the mid-bosses and area bosses to acquire new items, sub-weapons, upgrades to SOPHIA III and Jason’s equipment, and new abilities and move to the next area.
  • Incorporation of HD Rumble features into various aspects of the gameplay.
  • Player 2 can provide support for Player 1 as they traverse through the game in the co-op multiplayer mode.

Blaster Master Zero Screenshots :

Blaster Master Zero - In Dark Cavern (Nintendo Switch Version) Blaster Master Zero - Fighting Head Monsters (Nintendo Switch Version) Blaster Master Zero - Using Cursor to Target Enemies (Nintendo Switch Version)

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Blaster Master Zero DLC (Digital Download Content) Content

Version 1.2 Released 5/3/2017 for Switch (5/4/2017 3DS) – Adds new modes and DLC characters – More Info on Version 1.2

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