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Mantis Burn Racing Game Details

Game details for the Nintendo Switch version of Mantis Burn Racing.

Game Name : Mantis Burn Racing
Release Date : 11/23/2017
Publisher : VooFoo Studios
Developer : VooFoo Studios
Official Game Website :
Genre : Racing, Multiplayer
Players : 1 - 8 Players
System : Nintendo Switch
Also On : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
Review Score : 8.5 / 10

MSRP : $19.99
UPC : Not Available
ASIN : Not Available

Official Game Description

A top-down view racer similar to Mirco Machines racing games from the 90’s. Fast, fun and full of content, Mantas Burn Racing is one of the best examples of how a top-down view racer should be made. Over 150 racing events, split-screen multiplayer and a great looking physics engine make this a must have for racing fans.

Mantis Burn Racing Screenshots :

Mantis Burn Racing for Nintendo Switch Mantis Burn Racing handheld mode Screenshot

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Mantis Burn Racing DLC (Digital Download Content) Content

All available DLC content are included in the Switch version, as developer claims its the “definitive version”.

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