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Liquid Fast & Smooth, Mantis Burn Racing Provides the Nintendo Switch with One Its Best Racers Yet!  – Review

Mantis Burn Racing has been changing the face of top-down racing on other platforms for a while. The “definitive version” as described by developer VooFoo Studios provides the Switch with the complete Mantis Burn Racing game along with all DLC previously released on other platforms (Xbox One, PS4, PC etc).

Career Mode – Not all Races Created Equally

As a single player experience Mantis Burn Racing provides over 150 racing events. I played through about half of the 11-season single player career before testing the game’s multiplayer modes. Playing the career mode allowed me to unlock a wide variety of gears, which can be used to upgrade the different cars in your collection. The career mode does start off with a simple tutorial, but anyone who’s played games like Micro Machines racing will catch on quick.

While many of the game’s races are standard start-to-finish events, Mantis Burn Racing does shake things up with task specific objectives for some of the race events. Some of these event races can be a real challenge, but provide a nice break from the standard race formula.

Ready, Set, Go! – Top-Down View Racing Multiplayer Perfection

Mantis Burn Racing provides a wide range of multiplayer modes along with support for both online & local split-screen multiplayer. I’ll start with the different local multiplayer modes first. The standard split-screen mode allows up to 4 players on 1 Switch console to enjoy racing mayhem. Mantis Burn Racing also supports 2 player Head-to-Head mode. A 2-player split-screen divides the Switch’s screen, allowing each player to operate their vehicle on an independent screen while using a single Joy-Con for controls. Another multiplayer mode makes use of local WiFi. This multiplayer mode allows up to 8-players to connect to multiple Nintendo Switch consoles. I wasn’t able to test out the local WiFi feature, but the local split-screen and Head-to-Head modes work great. The internet modes for the Switch version of Mantis Burn Racing seem to be on par with the other platforms. Unlike the PlayStation 4’s version of Mantis Burn Racing, the Switch’s version supports cross-network play. I was provided with a review code/copy of Mantis Burn Racing. I did have trouble getting connected to races online during my play-through. This may have something to do with the low number of participants playing Mantis Burn Racing online at the time.


Mantis Burn Racing Graphics

I couldn’t see any difference in graphics between the Switch version and PlayStation 4’s version of Mantis Burn Racing. The vehicle’s look shiny and well detailed, even as they race around the game’s winding tracks. The top-down view provides a great view of many different environments, much of which looks like realistic models of the real world. The photo-realistic graphics are further complimented by the amazing physics engine. The game looks great on both the TV and in handheld mode.

Music & Sound

Overall the music and sound effect in Mantis Burn Racing are what you’d expect from a high octane racer. There could be a greater number of background music tracks in the game, but not a deal breaker for me.

Checks & Balances Make a Great Racer!

Many accolades go to VooFoo Studios for creating the perfect formula of addictive track bending racing along with many different options in the vehicles. Playing around with the different gears allows for many different vehicle scenarios. Mantis Burn Racing claims to have a RPG-Style upgrades system, but doesn’t quite reach the depth of a typical RPG. However, you can take the different vehicle classes and tweak them to perform in a variety of ways. There are 5 different types of upgrade parts, which fit into one of the following categories: Boost, Engine, Gearbox, Suspension and Tires. I had fun adding different upgrades to my main vehicle, while using other parts to modify my secondary and other vehicles.

Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Mantis Burn Racing is a perfect example of how a top-down view racing game should be made. Currently the game is selling on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99. From a content and replay value standpoint I’d say this is a fair price. Its also important to remember that the Switch version includes all the DLC content already released on other platforms – giving Switch players some real value for their dollars. From the games graphics & performance, to the long single player career and many multiplayer modes – Mantis Burn Racing is a must have for any Switch owner. For fans of Micro Machines racing games from days past you’ve found the perfect alternative, almost better if you ask me!

Mantis Burn Racing Review Score

Gameplay – 9 / 10

Graphics – 8.5 / 10

Music & Sound – 8 / 10

Replay Value – 8.75 / 10

Final Review Score – 8.5 / 10

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  1. Definitely one of the best racers I’ve played. Mantis Burn is way better than Micro Machines World Series.

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