Buy The New 3DS Super Mario 3D Land Edition Quick!

Mario 3D Land 3DS

Nintendo recently released a Super Mario 3D Land edition 3DS available at Walmart and Target, and we recommend buying it quick. So far the systems seem to be selling out pretty quick. As of this writing Target is the only retailer listed on Nintendo’s product page. The special edition bundle comes with two Super Mario themed 3DS faceplates along with a New Nintendo 3DS system with a pre-installed copy of Super Mario 3D Land. The bundle is only $150 which is a good deal. Walmart is currently selling a different Super Mario 3D Land bundle for $250, and it only includes the older generation 3DS XL, not the New Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo’s twitter page says the system is sold at Walmart but after trying we we’re unable to locate one. If you’re looking at acquiring one of the Super Mario 3D Land Edition 3DS bundles we recommend visiting Target and picking one up soon.

Super Mario 3D Land Edition 3DS Bundle Product Description :

This New Nintendo 3DS includes the Super Mario 3D Land game pre-installed and two extra interchangeable Mario-themed cover plates.

Super Mario 3D Land game rated E

Note: AC Adapter not included. You can use any Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, or DSi charger with the New Nintendo 3DS.


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