Captain Olimar Returns, Hey! Pikmin is Now Available on the Nintendo 3DS

Hey! Pikmin 3DS background

Hey! Pikmin is Now Available on the Nintendo 3DS in North America. The first portable version of Pikmin should provide many of the things fans have grown to love about the series. This side-scrolling adventure has much of the charm of the console versions while being restrained to a 2D platformer. Like previous entries in the series, players control Captain Olimar and utilize Pikmin to take on the challenges in different stages and areas. Puzzle solving looks to be just as important in Hey! Pikmin as it did in other Pikmin games.

Hey! Pikmin is just one of the many quality games releasing on the Nintendo 3DS this year. Along with Hey! Pikmin Nintendo also released Miitopia today. Other titles still scheduled to release this year include Metroid: Samus Returns and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions.

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