The Mii RPG Hybrid Miitopia is Available Now for Nintendo 3DS

Preview for Miitopia for the Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS continues to receive premium content with the release of Miitopia today. The Mii RPG hybrid releases today at retail and on the Nintendo eShop. Miitopia involves the user’s Mii’s in a wacky turn-based RPG. By joining together your Mii characters will go on a quest to save Miitopia. Like Tomodachi Life which centers on the charming life of registered Mii characters on a player’s system, Nintendo seems to have laced the game with a variety of surprises. You’ll watch as your Mii’s interact over food, camping arrangements and other details important to a great quest.

Miitopia is available now on the 3DS for the suggested retail price of $39.99. This is just one of the many quality games releasing on the 3DS this year.

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