Goddess Of The Demon Empire Announced for 3DS

Ultra Dolphin Revolution continues its commitment to Nintendo systems with the announcement of a new 3DS game – Goddess Of The Demon Empire. The game involves a strange story about a movie based on a popular video game. The game will poke fun at licensed video games from days past. You can read more in the press release below.

Goddess of The Demon Empire Press Release

HOUSTON, Texas – May 28, 2018 – Ultra Dolphin Revolution has announced its next game, “The Goddess of the Demon Empire” for the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS via the Nintendo eShop.

On May 28th, 199X, a movie based on a popular video game was released in theaters. After 25 years, it still has a cult following and new fans who have grown to appreciate the movie for what it was.  Unknown among the fans, the movie was supposedly having a video game tie in.  A respectful (now defunct) western developer pitched the idea of a video game based on the movie based on the video game series to the popular video game company. They promised that the game would have digitized sprites and backgrounds so the game would have the look and feel of the movie while having gameplay based on the games the film was inspired from.  However, the pitch was rejected and the project was cancelled.

Many years later, an independent game developer known as Ultra Dolphin Revolution has found the original concept pitch demo, and decided it was up to them to finish the game and release it! Removing all references and assets of the original film from the game, UDR has set forth to develop a new 16-bit game with the design of licensed game tie in!  They are calling their new game, “The Goddess of the Demon Empire”.

The Goddess of the Demon Empire is a parody of licensed video games of the 16-bit era.  It pokes fun of common tropes in licensed video game tie-ins as well satirizes licensed video game media. The game utilizes a mash up of digitize live action sprites with pixelated backgrounds. The game is currently in development for the New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 2DS and will be exclusively on the Nintendo eShop.  More details will be revealed this year.

Ultra Dolphin Revolution is an independent game developer primarily focused on Nintendo consoles. We’re a proud Nindie developer that engages with Nintendo fans and the retro gaming community. Visit us at ultradolphinrevolution.com and our social media pages fb.com/ultradolphinrevolution and twitter.com/UltDolRev


SOURCE: Press Release via Email

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