Mario Sports Superstars Announced For Nintendo 3DS

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Nintendo announced Mario Sports Superstars for the Nintendo 3DS today. The game is similar to the Mario’s Sport Mix for the Wii. For the 3DS, Mario Sports Superstars comes with 5 different games centered around different sporting activities : Baseball, Golf, Horse Racing, Soccer and Tennis. The entire Super Mario crew looks to be present from what we can see from the Nintendo Direct video. According to Nintendo this isn’t just a cheap mini-game compilation. Each sport is designed to be full and robust, and even includes a 11 on 11 soccer matches. Mario Sports Superstars will include local play along with online matchmaking. The game is set to release sometime in the spring of 2017. Check back for more details on Mario Sports Superstars when it becomes available. In the meantime check out some screenshots below, or watch the Nintendo Direct for a small preview.


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