Metroid Federation Force Struggles On Japanese Sales Charts

japanese box art

FPS and shooters don’t always perform well in Japan, and Metroid Federation Force continues this tradition of struggling sales on the Japanese sales charts. To-date, Metroid Federation Force has sold only 6,090 copies (not including digital), in Japan. It’s current place on the sales charts is rank 29, according to So what does Nintendo have to do to create more appeal for Metroid or other FPS games in Japan? While Metroid has never been a strong seller in Japan, other shooters and fps games have done well. For instance Call of Duty and Splatoon both do well on systems like Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Wii U. Hopefully the North American and European sales charts treat this Metroid spin-off a little bit better. What do you think, does Nintendo have to do something with the Metroid series to broaden it’s appeal?

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