Game Details for Monster Hunter Stories Limited Edition (Japanese)


The Japanese release for Monster Hunter Stories is today, and the Limited Edition version is now available. The game details for Monster Hunter Stories can be found on the Japanese Capcom website. Only limited quanities of the special edition of Monster Hunter Stories will be made available. So far no release date has been set for North America, but chances are we’ll be getting a localized release sometime next year.

The contents of the limited edition include a 24 page booklet that explains the world. The booklet also includes developer interviews and a Limited Edition”Monster Hunter Stories Production Box”.  The special edition also comes with a soundtrack CD chosen by the game’s designers. A “Necklace of bonds Stone” is also included, which in the game is the key item to binding monsters.

Here’s a breakdown of everything included in the Limited Edition Monster Hunter Stories.

  1. Nintendo 3DS dedicated software “Monster Hunter Stories”.
  2. 24 Page full-color booklet
  3. Soundtrack CD creators Selection
  4. Necklace of bonds stone
  5. Monster Hunter Stories production box

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