Latest Trailer Reveals New Pokemon & Features in Pokemon Sun & Moon

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Today Nintendo launched a new trailer showcasing new Pokemon and features making their way into Pokemon Sun & Moon for the 3DS. In total, there are eight new Pokemon shown in this latest trailer. Nintendo also posted an article describing these new Pokemon and unannounced features for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. A special place called the Battle Tree gives trainers who’ve completed their island challenge, or trainers who are strong enough a chance to battle other trainers. You can even search for an opponent you’ve battled with previously, and partner with them in future battles. Nintendo also explained the guardian deities and the special Z-Move Guardian. When using the Z-Move, the Pokemon will close its shell, a big avatar will appear from the ground and attack any opposing Pokemon, dealing 75% damage to the targets HP.

List of Newly Revealed Pokemon in Sun & Moon

  1. Decidueye – Type: Grass/Ghost
  2. Incineroar – Type: Fire/Dark
  3. Primarina – Type: Water/Fairy
  4. Cosmog – Type: Psychic
  5. Alolan Persian – Type: Dark
  6. Tapu Lele – Type: Psychic/Fairy
  7. Tapu Bulu – Type: Grass/Fairy
  8. Tapu Fini – Type: Water/Fairy


See the latest Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Trailer Below!


What do you think of the trailer reveal. This focused trailer focused on the latest Pokemon and features coming to Sun & Moon. Both Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have a release date set for November 18th 2016.

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