Special Edition Amazon Exclusive Lime Green 3DS XL Available Now

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Score another Nintendo exclusive for Amazon! The company is now selling a Amazon Exclusive Lime Green 3DS XL, which comes with a copy of Super Mario World pre-installed. The box art of the system has a nice nostalgic feel, with images of the 16bit Super Nintendo hit. The 3DS XL unit itself has no special graphics or anything, so what your getting is just a lime green 3DS XL and a pre-installed copy of Super Mario World. If your thinking about getting a 3DS maybe this bundle is right for you. For collectors this may be your only shot at getting this special edition 3DS XL, like many of the other limited / special edition 3DS bundles you may find this one hard to find later. Check out the Amazon ads on this page to pick up this Amazon exclusive lime green 3DS.

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