Lost Unreleased Super Nintendo Rayman Game Found by Developer


A screenshot of an unreleased Super Nintendo Rayman game was found by Ubisoft developer Michel Ancel. The Super Nintendo Rayman game was in development 24 years ago, but never saw the light of day. The first Rayman game would appear on the PlayStation, and would feature all the 2D sidescrolling we’ve come to love. Michel makes a possible joke by saying they should do a Nintendo Switch version of this lost Rayman Game.

Incroyable !!!! We have found the old unique Rayman SNES ROM !!!! It was sleeping for 24 years ….. Time to wake it up !!!! It’s working !!!! 4 people in the world have seen this . We thought it was lost , but somewhere in the cold electronic circuit , something was still alive . and running at full 60fps !!! should do a Switch version of this

Michel Ancel

Super Nintendo development cartridge featuring a build of the lost Rayman game.

Michel jokes that they should do a port to the Nintendo Switch, but this seems unlikely as the game is probally unfinished. Michel also uploaded some screens of the development cartridge and a screenshot of the game in action. What do you think of this lost Rayman game? Do you think it would’ve suited the Super Nintendo? Let us know using the comments below.

Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/BL5f5XIAfa5/




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