What is Tomodachi Life?

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What is Tomodachi Life about on the 3DS?

Tomodachi Life 3DS BoxartNintendo’s ability at making unique games really showcases itself on the 3DS. Tomodachi Life is Nintendo’s next big entry on the 3DS. So what is the game about? Tomodachi Life is like Animal Crossing mixed with The Sims and other lifestyle simulators. Tomodachi Life is one of the first 3DS games to fully utilize the Mii avatars & profiles. The game centers on the life of your Mii, as he or she lives on an island similar to the one seen in games like Wii Sports Resort and Pilot Wings for the 3DS. Friends and family Mii characters can also live on the island. This concept works similar to Animal Crossing, but centers on customization and Mii activities. Mii characters will enjoy life by falling in love, shopping, playing music and much more. Though we’ve not played Tomodachi Life, we can definitely see the Nintendo difference in this title. Tomodachi Life on the 3DS has a release date set for June 6th, 2014. Expect a full review in June when the game comes out. For more information visit Nintendo’s website listed below, or look over some of the screenshots we’ve pasted below.

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