Can the Nintendo Switch Play Wii Games?

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    Cant Complain

    I haven’t played a Nintendo console in a while and I was wondering if the Nintendo Switch can play Wii & Wii U games? I remember hearing something about backwards compatibility? Does the dock play Wii or Wii U discs? Do the Switch Joy-Con controllers work with Wii games?


    Greg Davies

    The Switch can’t play Wii or Wii U games. The Switch is only compatible with Nintendo Switch software, either a cartridge or an eShop download.


    Elena McClurg

    I think there are many other online video games like Call of Duty, Player unknown battleground etc that can be played on Nintendo Switch as well as the Wii. I have an interest in playing PC games, my elder brother used to play games on a console. Usually, I used to play Call of Duty World War 2, there are many series of this game like Call of Duty of Duty Black Ops, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, etc. You can also buy Call of Duty World 2 that can be played on a various console.

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