Five New Characters & 300+ Stages Confirmed for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Five New Characters & 300+ Stages Confirmed for Smash Bros. Ultimate

Today Nintendo published a new Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. A decent list of newly revealed details concerning new characters, echo characters, stages, music and more we’re revealed. The five new characters consist of the following: Simon Belmont, Richter, King K. Rool, Chrom and Dark Samus.

Character Game Franchise Main Weapon/Attack
Simon Belmont Castlevania Holy Whip
Richter (Echo Fighter for Simon) Castlevania Chain Whip
King K. Rool Donkey Kong Gold Plated Belly
Dark Samus (Echo Fighter for Samus) Metroid Unknown
Chrom (Echo Fighter) Fire Emblem Unknown


Along with the news of new characters the latest Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct also revealed that the game will contain over 300 stages. This is the largest number of stages ever seen in a Smash Bros game to date.


New Assist Trophies:

Nintendo showed a montage of new assist trophies coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate, which features the largest number of assist trophies to date in the game’s history. 11 new assist trophies we’re revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct.

  • Chef Kawasaki (Kirby Series)
  • Gray Fox (Metal Gear Series)
  • Kapp’n (Animal Crossing Series)
  • Klaptrap (Donkey Kong Series)
  • Knuckles (Sonic Series)
  • Krystal (Star Fox Series)
  • Moon from Majora’s Mask (Zelda Series)
  • Nikki (Mii Avatar)
  • Rathalos (Monster Hunter Series)
  • Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight Series)
  • Zero (Mega Man Series)

SOURCE: Nintendo Direct

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