You Can No Longer Add Points to The Original Wii Shop Channel

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    Greg Davies

    The Wii’s shop channel has been running since 2006, and since 3/26/18 users could no longer add new points to their Wii Shop Channel accounts. If you have any unused points you must spend them before January 30th, 2019. Also, any Wiiware, Virtual Console or other downloads must be re-downloaded before the January 30th, 2019 deadline. Nintendo plans on shutting down all components to the original Wii’s shop channel.

    Key Dates:
    September 29, 2017: The day it was announced that the Wii Shop will close in 2019.

    March 26, 2018: The last day to have purchased points in the Wii Shop or redeem Points Cards in the Wii Shop.

    January 29, 2019: The last day to purchase software in the Wii Shop.

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