My Nintendo Eight Printable Box Art Covers for Octopath Traveler Switch

My Nintendo Octopath Traveler Box Art Covers

My Nintendo added eight new printable box art covers for Octopath Traveler for the Nintendo Switch. There’s one cover for each of the eight main characters (playable characters) in Octopath Traveler. We’ve included a preview of all eight covers below. Each printable cover is large enough for a standard Nintendo Switch game box. The covers feature high-resolution, so if you’ve got a nice printer & quality paper you should be able to make it look like a legit Switch game. Each printable cover costs 50 Platinum Points – so 400 for the lot.

Octopath Traveler released for the Nintendo Switch as a JRPG exclusive last Friday (July 13th). The game is one of the finest RPGs to release on the Switch thus far. Expect our full review in the next few days.


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