Nintendo eShop Monster Hunter Generations 30% Off For Limited Time

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Nintendo tweeted recently that Monster Hunter Generations is 30% off on the Nintendo eShop until October 18th 2016. This means you can download a copy of Monster Hunter Generations for only $27.99 for the next 6 days. Capcom recently announced that the game would receive free DLC until spring next year (2017), and would be releasing new DLC the first Friday of each month.

Any purchases done on the Nintendo eShop can contribute to your My Nintendo coin supply. For instance, purchasing Monster Hunter Generations on the Nintendo eShop provides 30 My Nintendo coins. These coins can be used to redeem cool prizes, discounts and other Nintendo related goodies.

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What do you think of the discounted price? Have you already purchased Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS? Let us know using the comments below.

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