Fire Emblem Heroes Updated to 1.6.0 Adds Arena Assault, Catalog of Heroes & More

Fire Emblem Heroes Big Background

Fire Emblem Heroes is now updated to version 1.6.0 and will add a variety of new features and modes. One of the new changes centers on Summoning Events. The summoning focus: Cecilia & Lilina’s Battle event starts today at 7:00 PM. Every summoning event will allow players to summon their first hero/heroine without the use of Orbs. Starting right away the summoning appearance rates for 3-star and 4-star Heroes will be swapped. Starting off, the rates will be 58% for a 4-star and 35% for a 3-star.

1.6.0 update preview

One of the latest features to be added is the Catalog of Heroes. From the Catalog of Heroes players can view dialogues played when Heroes are summoned. From here you can see a Heroes 5-star / level 40 conversion and other useful info. The Catalog of Heroes will add silhouettes of heroes you meet starting with the 1.6.0. update.

catalog of heroes

Another feature added with the 1.6.0 update is Arena Assault. The rules are simple. The Arena Assault will not end until you’ve won 7 battles in a row or all of your Heroes are defeated. Once a hero is summened you can not use them again until you’ve made it to the end of the Arena or if your defeated.

1.6.0 update arena assault

Updates have also been made to the Tempest Trials, which attempt at making it easier to play along with other game adjustments. These changes to the Tempest Trials will take place on 8/11/2017 at 7:00 PM (UTC). The next event will be called Tempest Trials: Reunited at Last.

  1. Each day, you can triple your score the first two times you play Tempest Trials
  2. Bonus allies will increase you score along with their abilities being boosted. Bonus allies used will receive HP+10, Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 and receive double EXP and SP.
  3. You can turn on continuous auto, in the settings portion of the game. Your team will battle automatically until they win or are defeated.


See a full list of all the updated features at

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