New My Nintendo Rewards Offer Discounts on Star Fox Games for Wii U & 3DS

Star Fox My Nintendo Rewards

The My Nintendo website added three new game discounts focusing on Star Fox downloads for the Wii U and 3DS.  This comes before the Super Nintendo Classic Edition releases next month, which will include a copy of the never before released Star Fox 2. Check out the list of available discounts. My Nintendo members must spend Nintendo points to receive the discounts below.

discounted My Nintendo rewards

Star Fox Zero (Wii U) – 30% off discount – Cost 110 Gold Points
Star Fox 64 3D (Nintendo 3DS) – 30% off discount – 90 Gold Points
Star Fox Command (Wii U) 40% off discount – 30 Gold Points

My Nintendo is a reward program offered by Nintendo. Players can earn coins by purchasing different products on the Nintendo eShop, by logging into Miiverse, or by completing missions while logged into My Nintendo, Miiverse or other eligible Nintendo portals. My Nintendo replaced Club Nintendo, which use to reward Nintendo players for filling out surveys and entering eligible games on the My Nintendo website.

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