Cool Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Pins Available to My Nintendo Members

Super Mario 35th Anniversary Pin Set

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. series My Nintendo is offering a limited edition Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Pins (see picture below). My Nintendo members can earn the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Pins by completing My Nintendo Missions (see website). The actual look of the pins is still to be determined but the pins will release in two waves as rewards to My Nintendo members.

My Nintendo Missions for Mario Pin Set

The Super Mario pins will be available for a limited time, from September 3rd 2020 – March 31st 2021. Nintendo made a variety of other Super Mario 35th Anniversary announcements, including a new Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. System, Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Furry for the Nintendo Switch. Visit the official My Nintendo website for complete details on the 35th anniversary pin set.


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