Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit RC Racing Set Announced

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is bringing AR and RC together in a new way in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. This latest entry in the Mario Kart series Fuses together the fun of a typical Mario Kart game along with the fun of playing with RC cars. Two different sets we’re announced, a Mario Set and a Luigi Set (no word on if Nintendo plans on releasing additional characters/karts). Each RC racer has a fixed camera and other sensors that interact with the course you setup and you’re Nintendo Switch. Included in each package is a set of gates which interact with the racer and the Nintendo Switch. Players can race around their real-life home’s on customized courses of their choosing. The ability to create one’s one track and then play it in an AR form brings a refreshing new take on playing RC cars. Check out the trailer and some pictures/screenshots below.

From the trailer the concept looks pretty neat. Up to 4 players can join in a Mario Kart experience that combines RC racing with Mario Kart gameplay. The small camera’s on each RC racer feeds back to the Switch which creates a unique AR experience based on the track/course layout you setup. The video below explains the concept pretty well.


Announcement Trailer: Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Along with the Mario Kart Live Home Circuit sets Nintendo also announced a Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. System and new Switch games like Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury. Expect more Super Mario 35th Anniversary announcements throughout the remainder of the year. For more information on the Mario Kart Live Home Circuit play set visit Nintendo’s official website.

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