Say Happy Birthday – Nintendo is 127 Years Old Today!

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Founded on September 23rd, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi, Nintendo Trading Card Co started off in Kyoto Japan. The company celebrates it’s 127th birthday today, making it the oldest video game company in the world. Nintendo has been involved in many different industries over it’s history, including instant rice meals, trading cards, gambling machines and even a chain of love hotels.

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Nintendo Playing Card Co. Over a century of high quality products.

While Nintendo’s history is all-over the place with different industries it found it’s true niche in the gaming industry. While not the first company to develop video games it did pioneer many of the concepts and technologies we enjoy today. While other gaming giants rise and fall Nintendo stays consistant, offering quality software with a true focus on family friendly fun.

If you get time say happy birthday Nintendo at their twitter page.

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