Five Wii U Games That Still Need to Be Ported to the Switch

Wii U to Switch Port - Zelda Wind Waker HD

Since its release we’ve seen the Nintendo Switch succeed in growing one of the fastest libraries of games, from 1st part to 3rd party. While the Switch remains a smash hit with developers and players Nintendo has taken an easier route in providing games for it’s hybrid console. This has come in the form of Wii U games, many of which have seen new life on the Switch. Games like Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, New Super Mario Bros. U, Mario Kart 8 have all received Switch ports. Now games like Super Mario 3D World and Pikmin 3 are also getting a port to the Switch. With so many of the Wii U’s best games getting re-released on the Switch we thought we’d make a list of 5 Wii U games that still need a Switch port in 2020/2021.

#5 – Wii Sports Club

Wii Sports Club - Multiplayer Tennis

Like its predecessors (Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort) Wii Sports Club is a collection of fun classic sports like bowling, tennis and golf. Nintendo did a fine job with the controls which really makes playing fun. The game gets it’s “Club” title by allowing players to join local/regional clubs. For instance being from Minnesota we chose the Minnesota Club. The game allows players to compete against others from around the world. By winning or losing you affect you’re clubs overall rating. The game also features HD graphics and some cool control features (check out the golf screenshot below).


#4 – Xenoblade Chronicles X


The Wii U wasn’t graced with many RPGs but Xenoblade Chronicles X made up some ground by providing a massive world that rivaled the biggest in the genre. Beyond focusing on the main character, this entry into the Xenoblade universe also allowed users to buy/sell/upgrade mechs called Skells. The Switch has seen a remastered version of Xenoblade Chronicles and a full sequel (Xenoblade Chronicles 2). So it would make sense to give the Switch the full series by porting Xenoblade Chronicles X to the Switch. A Switch port of Xenoblade Chronicles X could expand/improve the online functionality (which was a disapointment to many). Other improvements could be some graphical upgrades and additional quests.


#3 – Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, special banner

In many ways Star Fox Zero was a disappointment to many Wii U owners. My reason for porting the game is to help it achieve its original quality standards present in most Miyamoto games. If Nintendo ported Star Fox Zero to the Switch they could improve the controls by making them more traditional. Other improvements could be a local & online multiplayer mode, improved graphics and some new stages.


#2 – Both Zelda HD Games

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD

Instead of making each its own entry on this list I thought it would be better to include both as one. In their original form, both Zelda: Wind Waker and Zelda: Twilight Princess we’re amazing games when they originally released on the GameCube and/or Wii. On the Wii U both titles got a HD makeover, arguably making the Wii U versions the best. Porting these two games to the Switch makes sense. Not much would have to be done to make them better, so get on it Nintendo!


#1 – Devil’s Third

Devil’s Third Wii U Screenshot – Ivan Vs AI Sword Fight

By far the most underrated Wii U game and the most unfairly reviewed (in my opinion 😉 – Devil’s Third was never given a chance. While many reviews and critics hated the 1st/3rd person shooter hybrid a small group of passionate fans continued to support the game, even signing a petition to keep the game’s servers from being shutdown. The game was not as bad as people thought, in fact it was one of the most impressive 1st person shooters to come out in a while! The game’s novelty was the capability to switch between 1st person and 3rd person views depending on what weapon the player is using. The online was the best component (often never reviewed – looking at you IGN).  Players could create/join clans, build clan bases and attempt to take over different sections of North America. The amount of base customization and character/loadout options made Devil’s Third an awesome game! By bringing this to the Switch Valhalla Game Studios could improve the game’s graphics (another major criticism) while expanding on the game’s great online modes. We can’t stress enough on how good the online multiplayer was in Devil’s Third. Unfortunately the game’s servers we’re taken down about a year after it’s release. If any Wii U game needs a port to the Switch its this one!


That’s the end of our 5 Wii U games that need a Switch port list. Let us know what Wii U games you’d like to see get ported to the Switch using the comments below.

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