Devil’s Third Online Servers Shut Down


One of our favorite Wii U games no longer has a functioning online service. Devil’s Third’s online multiplayer servers are no longer running, meaning that the game’s online multiplayer will no longer work. Announced earlier this year on Nintendo’s support page, Devil’s Third was scheduled to have it’s online services discontinued on 12/28/2016. An online petition at was attempted by fans of the game to keep the Devil’s Third servers online, but as it seems Nintendo took little notice. The Devil’s Third online servers are shut down as of this writing.


Devil’s Third Discontinuation Schedule via Nintendo Support:

  • 6/23/2016 (Thursday) 9 AM PT – Price reduction for digital version
  • 6/27/2016 (Monday) 9 AM PT – Discontinuation of Golden Eggs sales
  • 12/28/2016 (Wednesday) 8 PM PT – Discontinuation of online multiplayer service


While the media did not particularly enjoy Devil’s Third we at found the game to be a blast online. For more information on Devil’s Third read our “Is Devil’s Third On The Wii U As Bad As Critics Claim?“, or visit our game details page here.



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