Castlevania Dracula X Now Available on New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console


One of this week’s eShop downloads for the New Nintendo 3DS is Castlevania Dracula X. Castlevania Dracula X is a port of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood for the Super Nintendo. Developed and published by Konami, this is one of the best 16-bit Castlevania games ever designed. Castlevania Dracula X is only available on the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console via the Nintendo eShop, and can only be played on the New Nintendo 3DS.  The game is categorized as an action game, and supports only 1 player. Unfortunately like many Virtual Console games Castlevania Dracula X is only playable in 2D on the 3DS. Read an official description for the game below.



After rising from his eternal sleep, Count Dracula summons his dark minions–Cerberus, Minaurus and the Salamander–to bring a reign of terror on the land. In order to lure the latest Belmont descendant, Dracula kidnaps Annette Renard and her sister Maria as bait.

Gear up as Richter Belmont, equipped with the legendary Vampire Killer, in his strife to save his beloved. Battling against the monsters that lurk in the shadows, strategically using magical tomes, mystical power-ups and titanic weapons and discovering secret bonus levels. Unfold another chapter in the Belmont family’s lineage, with over 7 stages of grim encounters and a myriad of possibilities depending on the choices that you make.





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