Is Devil’s Third On The Wii U As Bad As Critics Claim?


Doing a search online for Devil’s Third Wii U will obtain a list of highly critical articles, reviews and complaints, but is Devil’s Third for Wii U as bad as the critics claim? I’ve played over 100 hours offline / online, experiencing everything Nintendo’s 2015 fps has to offer. In my opinion the game is actually good, with my only complaints being the low online population and some last gen graphics. For those who don’t know, Devil’s Third is an hybrid fps, which seamlessly transitions from up-close 3rd person – to 1st person with the hit of a button. The game is brutal, having extreme violence and over-the-top gameplay, a rarity on Nintendo platforms. The development story is long (dating back to the now bankrupt THQ and the Xbox 360). Left without a publisher after the demise of THQ, Valhalla games started the process of finding a new publisher for Devil’s Third. Eventually Nintendo agreed to publish the game exclusively on the Wii U. A couple of years would go by eventually giving us the final version of Devil’s Third.

Five Reasons Why Devil’s Third is a Great FPS Game

  1. Unlike most reviews and critics, I think Devil’s Third handles well. Most of the complaints for the game center on the game’s toggling of 3rd person back to 1st person. Being a hybrid shooter the game can instantly switch between 1st person and 3rd person cameras, which makes sense when you play. When using traditional guns the game plays in 1st person. Players also have a primary melee weapon, which when used transitions the camera back to 3rd person, which allows the player more eyesight and the ability to parry, dodge and do other acrobatics. When playing the game feels like your controlling a modern day ninja. The game allows players to run-up-walls and buildings Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Style. Once you get the hang of the controls you’ll find yourself addicted to the gameplay which I found to be extremely fun.
  2. The best clan / guild fps game in my opinion is Devil’s Third. The game allows for clan creation, declarations of war, peace treaties between other clans, customization of clan bases, clan member salaries and more. In fact the game takes clan administration to the next level, allowing clans to have multiple bases, and the ability to customize a variety of aspects in the games map/base editor. Clans can wage war on each others clan bases, which affect a clan’s ranking on the world map. The goal for any clan is to take over as much of the North American map as possible, by waging war with neighboring clans. The system works well, and I can’t believe this wasn’t a bigger plus when critics we’re reviewing Devil’s Third.
  3. Tons of online modes are available in Devil’s Third. From team deathmatch to free-for-all, Devil’s Third is loaded with different matchmaking modes. There’s even a melee only mode that highlights one of the game’s most promising features – chopping opponents limb from limb.
  4. The maps in Devil’s Third are interesting and well planned. From the streets of New York to ship yards, desert cities, Grand Canyon and more. Most levels are tiered, having higher and lower areas, which help make them feel larger. When playing online I found the maps to be well designed for team deathmatch and free-for-all matchmaking modes. While not graphically the best thing I’ve ever seen, the graphics aren’t as bad as the critics have claimed.
  5. Devil’s Third makes communicating with other Nintendo players easy. You can use the Wii U gamepad’s onscreen keyboard, or plug in an USB keyboard to chat with other players online. The ability to recruit clan members or to forge alliances with other clans is made simpler with the game’s USB keyboard support. After matches I frequently chated with other players from the game’s main online screen. You don’t have to be currently in a match with players to chat with others online.


In conclusion I think Devil’s Third is a good FPS, and a decent game altogether. With the Wii U being shorthanded when it comes to mature games, or good matchmaking shooters, I feel Devil’s Third should’ve been given a better chance. Many in the media didn’t even review the online components, which I think are the game’s saving grace. Nintendo is scheduled to shutdown Devil’s Third’s servers later this year. You can currently download Devil’s Third for the Wii U off the eShop for $29.99. The game does have a solid single player campaign that’s worth a run through (about 6 -7 hours worth). What do you think? Is Devil’s Third good or bad in you’re opinion. Let us know using the comments below.


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