Lost & Rare Kirby’s Toy Box Games Saved by Game Preservationists


Four Satellaview Kirby games (super rare) have been found, and we’re won at auction by a group of game preservationists. Developed by Hal Laboratory, the game Kirby’s Toy Box released in Japan for the Satellaview Super Nintendo add-on in 1996. The Satellaview allowed players to download individual titles from satellite TV station WOWOW’s satellite radio subsidiary, St.GIGA. For the most part these downloaded games we’re temporary, erased when a user download additional games or titles. This makes many of the games released for the Satellaview extremely rare, and in some cases in dire need of restoration (bit rot and other data integrity issues).

Reported first by Kotaku, the most recent working copy of Kirby’s Toy Box we’re put to auction by a Japanese seller. Matthew Callis and other preservationists first spotted four of the ten mini-games yesterday, and with the help of the gaming community purchased them via auction. The group had to reach out to the community, but we’re able to come up with the $813.08 USD to save them.


The group plans on releasing the four recovered Kirby’s Toy Box mini-games to emulators. Please let us know your thoughts using the comments below.


Source : http://kotaku.com/four-long-lost-kirby-games-found-at-auction-1788716263

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