Video of Undeveloped Gamecube Diddy Kong Racing Game Found

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YouTube user PtoPOnline recently posted a video/demo of a Gamecube Diddy Kong Racing game that never got developed. The game was being developed by Climax, but the developer never got the go-ahead from Nintendo to continue development on this Diddy Kong Racing game for the Gamecube. The game was originally going to be called Diddy Kong Racing Adventure, but the pitch by Climax to Nintendo didn’t work out. The video shows Diddy Kong riding around on Rambi the Rhino, and shows off a colorful jungle / beach level. The speed of the player’s movement seems pretty slow. For the most part Climax was trying to pick up the license to develop the next Diddy Kong Racing game. As to why Nintendo opted not to pursue the project is a mystery. See the video below and let us know your thoughts using the comments below.



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