New Nintendo System in Development Confirms Shinya Takahashi

New Nintendo Console & System in Development

Nintendo is in a great position with the Switch, but a new system is already in development.

During an interview with the BBC during the BAFTA Game Awards, Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi revealed that the Japanese game giant was already in development of its next game system. The interview was more about the BAFTAs, but towards the end of the interview the revelation is revealed. This isn’t very surprising considering the development cycle and R&D requirements to launch a new home console. No details we’re given, but our minds are fast at work on considering some possibilities. The Switch is barely a year old and is already making inroads into the current generation of consoles. If Nintendo launched a more powerful console in 2020 it could switch the “Switch” to a more mobile-handheld front while focusing its next console on hardcore/graphics etc. Watch the BBC interview below.

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