New Sony PlayStation Patent Suggests Nintendo Switch Copycat

Sony Portable Patent

A new Sony PlayStation patent may suggest the company is planning on copying the Nintendo Switch with a new portable console hybrid. First spotted by VGchartz user Kresnik the patent shows a tablet and what looks to be detachable controllers. The controllers bear the the classic PlayStation square, triangle and other shape buttons. The patent was filed yesterday (February 16th, 2017), and the patent doc is only available in Japanese. We’ve translated a piece of the patent, which you can read below (sorry it’s a little rough). The patent is heavy on the control side, suggesting a similar concept to the Nintendo Switch’s detachable controllers. Other parts of the patent doc reveal design setups for the (rumble / joystick design) “dualshock”.



SOLUTION: The operation device (information processing device 1A) includes a main body portion and an operation portion (right side operation portion 3) provided on one end side of the main body portion, and the operation portion includes an operation portion side (Analog controller BC 1, button BC 2, BC 4, BC 5) disposed on the operation unit side housing and accepting an input operation, wherein the operation unit side body is used A grip portion GPR gripped by one hand of a person, and the grip portion GPR includes a first contact portion CP 1 where one finger (ring finger RH 4) in one hand abuts and another contact portion CP 2, which is different from the one finger A second contact portion CP 2 to which a finger (little finger RH 5) abuts and a third contact portion CP 2 located on the opposite side from the contact portions CP 1, CP 2 and having a predetermined portion (thumb ball RH 6) A contact portion CP 3, and an adjustment portion capable of adjusting the first dimension between the contact portions CP 1, CP 3 and the second dimension between the contact portions CP 2, CP 3, respectively.

A housing (31) disposed in the housing (31) for receiving an input operation; a vibrator (motor 33) disposed in the housing (31) for generating vibration; (The right side extending portion 26) which constitutes at least a part of the first side face portion (the front face portion 311) of the housing 31 and is connected to the transducer, and the second case constituting portion Constitutes at least a part of a second side face portion (back face portion 312) on the side opposite to the first side face portion in the housing 31, is connected to each of the vibrator and the first housing constituting portion, and makes contact with the user And a second housing constituting part (exterior constituent part 32), wherein the first housing constituent part has a larger weight than the second casing constituent part, and a part of the edge of the second casing constituent part A gap G <b> 3 is formed between the end edge 32 </ b> L and the portion of the first casing constituting portion opposing the end edge of the part.


This isn’t the first time Sony’s copied a major Nintendo innovation or product. While all is fair in war & business it is a little disturbing to see the PlayStation brand once again unwilling to design something original. Also, claims that a NeoGaf user spotted the patent first. This is not true, as community spotted the Sony PlayStation portable patent first, hours before or NeoGaf user Ponpo. Just thought we’d clear that up.



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