Nintendo Announces NintendoWare Bezel Game Engine at GDC in Osaka

NintendoWare Bezel

At GDC in Osaka Japan Nintendo revealed its NintendoWare Bezel game development engine. The Japanese developer gave a few details on the engine, and showcased its power using an interesting tech demo. The NintendoWare Bezel engine is geared towards 3rd party developers. A info sheet (seen below) gives a few insights into the engine. We’ll have to wait and see how 3rd parties use this suite of new tools from Nintendo. No word yet on any developers utilizing it. Check out the screenshot of the tech demo below.


NintendoWare Bezel

Tech Demo

What do you think of NintendoWare Bezel. Do you think it can compete with the Unreal Engine or other game development engines currently available to developers? Let us know using the comments below.

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