Nintendo Provides More LABO Info Via FAQ Page

Nintendo Labo FAQ

Today Nintendo updated their official Nintendo Labo website, providing a special FAQ page. The FAQ page provides information in a questions & answer style. We’ve rewritten some of the details which you can read below. Nintendo LABO is a DIY cardboard creation kit that releases on April 20th, 2018. There are only several kits releasing : Variety Kit, Robot Kit and a customization set. You can find out more about Nintendo labo at the official website.


Nintendo LABO FAQ

How big are the Nintendo Labo Kit Boxes & Toy-Con Projects?

We’ve included a picture below that gives a general measurement of the Toy-Con projects from the LABO variety pack kit. The Variety Kit will measure about 17.7 x 13.6 x 2.6 inches. The Robot Kit will measure 17.7 x 13.6 x 2.9 inches. Some of the Toy-Con projects will include accessory parts. This can affect the size of the project creations. The Robot Labo kit will include a hook on the back so you can hang it on a wall.

Nintendo Labo Measurements



Where Can You Buy Nintendo Labo Kits?

You can purchase Nintendo Labo kits at most major retailers. Retailers that sell video game products or kids toys are likely to carry Nintendo Labo. For your convience we’ve posted some Amazon Nintendo Labo listings below.

Where Can You Buy Replacement Cardboard Parts?

If you need replacement materials (like a piece of cardboard etc) you’ll be able to purchase them on April 20th on Nintendo’s online store. You can also call Nintendo’s Consumer Service hotline at 1.800.255.3700.

How Complicated are Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Projects to Make?

Nintendo Labo was designed to be easy to build, play and discover. Each kit comes with interactive instructions that lead you through any kits construction. A Nintendo Switch software cartridge is included with each kit, witch includes step-by-step instructions on putting your Labo Toy-Con together.

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Project Requirements

The only thing you need to enjoy Nintendo Labo is a Nintendo Switch. Many of the kits utilize the Switch in a variety of ways.

What to Do If You Mess Up a Step or Two When Constructing Your Toy-Con Labo Kit

If you make a mistake when putting your Toy-Con together don’t panic. You can rewind the on-screen instructions (on your switch) to see where you messed up. The Nintendo Labo cardboard is very durable, and can be refolded and re-positioned.

What To Do If You Rip Your Nintendo Labo Cardboard

If you accidentally rip a piece of Nintendo Labo cardboard Nintendo recommends using household items like glue or tape to repair it. You can also contact Nintendo’s consumer hotline or visit the online Nintendo store listed above to order new Labo Cardboard pieces just in case you have a piece that rips really bad.

What is the Extra Sheet Included with Each Labo Kit For?

Nintendo includes an extra sheet of engineered cardboard so that you can customize your Toy-Con creations in a variety of ways, up to your choosing. One example Nintendo gives is an extra roof for the Toy-Con House seen in the Variety Kit.

How Long Does it Take to Put a Nintendo Labo Kit Together?

According to Nintendo, a typical Nintendo Labo project will take about 10 – 20 minutes to assemble. Time depends on the size of the kit and the user.

Nintendo Labo

Can Kids Use the Toy-Con Garage Mode?

According to Nintendo kids that experience the Make, Play and Discover modes in Nintendo Labo will gain all the knowledge needed to invent their own creations in the Toy-Con Garage. For more info on the Toy-Con Garage click here.


For more info on Nintendo Labo visit Nintendo’s official FAQ page here.

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