ARMS Discounted on Nintendo Switch eShop by 30%

arms nintendo switch screenshot

Nintendo’s stretchy-arm fighting game is now discounted on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The price of the digital version of ARMS is now lowered from $59.99 too $41.99. This is a 30% discount. The retail version (physical cartridge) is not being discounted. The eShop discount comes right in time as Nintendo has announced a new ARMS Global Test Punch set for this weekend. You can download the free ARMS Global Test Punch app/demo from the Nintendo Switch eShop. Below are times for the next scheudled Global Test Punch events.

March 30th, 9 PM Pacific Time – April 2nd, 8:59 PM Pacific Time

March 31st, 12 AM Eastern Time – April 2nd, 11:59 PM Eastern Time

SOURCE: Nintendo Switch eShop News

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  1. May have to get this now. Not big on paying $60 for a fighting game, but forty bucks sounds good.

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