Nintendo E3 2017 Features Video Presentation + Splatoon 2 & ARMs Tournaments

Nintendo E3 2017 Main Banner Ad

Nintendo will be live streaming different events throughout E3 (June 13th – 15th, 2017) this year, including giving the world a better look at Super Mario Odyssey. A variety of activities are planned that should put further attention on the Nintendo Switch and its upcoming games. The 1st part of E3 for Nintendo will focus on the Nintendo Switch and different games still scheduled to release during the 2017 calendar year. Along with a video presentation the Nintendo Treehouse will be playing through Nintendo Switch & Nintendo 3DS games while live streaming the experience. Nintendo is also putting together two tournaments for E3 2017, see below.


Splatoon 2 & ARMs Tournaments at E3 2017

The World Inkling Invitational will invite the best squid squads to E3 to do battle. The excitement surrounding Splatoon 2 will reach even higher heights during the Splatoon 2 tournament at E3 this year. Along with Splatoon 2’s special World Inking Invitation, ARMs- Nintendo’s next big 1st party fighting game will also have a tournament. The ARMS Open Invitational will also take place during E3 2017.

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